The poetry of Elisha Utrup

Selfish Love

I became lost in you,
And you in I.
We gave up everything,
Our friends, our hobbies, our own time.
What seemed like a blessing,
In fact, was a curse in disguise.
He loved me with a deep and fiery passion,
Or so, one would think when given the satisfaction.
Selfish love is isolating and daunting,
For no one hears me when I am calling.
New love is exhilarating,
It lasts oh but a minute,
Until you put a ring on it.
Now I lay here waiting,
Begging for your attention,
When I get it, it feels like I am sitting in detention.
It is not the kind of attention I seek,
For what once was,
I can no longer keep.
You stare at me with those cold black eyes,
As if you are holding back lies.
What has become of us,
How do we go on,
When the bell has been rung.
Three strikes you’re out,
I’ve given you a chance,
Dancing in circles is not my idea of romance.
Please just let me move on,
For your touch I need no more.
I want to move on,
Just walk out that door.
Maybe we were meant to be,
This I want to believe,
But my heart says move on girl,
He’s done, can’t you see?
I wish for the day to be happy again,
I can’t take it any longer,
My lover, my friend.


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