GPL’s Third Floor Film Series Winter 2017 Schedule

GPL’s Third Floor Film Series will be returning for its third season next month, and today we’re announcing the slated films. Take a look at these upcoming movies, and make plans to join us on the night of each event!

trouble-in-paradise-movie-posterThursday, January 26 – Trouble in Paradise (1932)
This witty and racy pre-Code comedy tells the story of two master con-artists (Herbert Marshall and the inimitable Miriam Hopkins) who fall in love after trying to pull cons on each other. When their money runs out, they must find a rich and gullible victim to unwittingly fund their expensive lifestyle. They target the owner of a world famous perfume line (Kay Francis), but things get complicated when Marshall’s character develops complicated feelings for his charming mark. With wickedly clever dialogue and perfect comedic timing, this is one of the great early comedies.

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Starring Miriam Hopkins, Herbert Marshall, & Kay Francis.

the-conversation-movie-posterThursday, February 23 – The Conversation (1974)
The lesser known of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 masterpieces (The Godfather Part II was the other) is definitely a more intimate, smaller-scale film, but an argument could be made for it ultimately being the superior picture. Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) plays a surveillance expert hired to record a conversation between an executive’s wife and the wife’s lover. This isn’t an espionage thriller, though. It’s a portrait of Caul, a lonely man who is not as good at his job as he thinks he is. We come to realize listening in on the conversations of others is a form of human connection for this weary and troubled character.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Starring Gene Hackman & John Cazale.

Thursday, March 23 – Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928)
A Buster Keaton movie can generally best be explained by just saying it’s a Buster Keaton movie. This brilliant performer choreographed and performed his own stunts, and wrote and directed most of his own movies (he had a hand in both on this one, though he was uncredited). Keaton’s hapless but determined title character is the son of a riverboat captain, and has just returned from college to help his dad on the boat. The only problem is Junior is not exactly suited to the profession. The results are (if you’ve seen a Keaton film before) predictable and hilarious.

Directed by Charles Reisner & Buster Keaton. Starring Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence.

All shows will begin at 7:00 p.m. David Nilsen will lead a brief discussion after each screening, and, as always, there will be free theater popcorn, candy, Jones Soda, and coffee for all shows. The screenings will be held in the public meeting room on the third floor of the library, and the movies will be viewed on our 80″ high definition flat screen television.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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