The poetry of M.T. Jamieson

You Smile Out

You smile out, rain gear, motorcycles, full pack.
Blue Ridge Mountains, shades mostly gray, and some black.

Left Asheville with storms around, neatly aligned.
Highway east. Mean skies ahead, meaner behind.

Your dressing for weather, became a good bet.
My simpler plan had been, long ride, leather wet.

Turned north, to follow mountains, rain led the way.
Thickening clouds, clearly, no sunshine today.

A stop for coffee, and two tanks, gasoline.
Rolling, heavy fog, hard to see, or be seen.

One more soaking before day’s ride was complete.
Virginia, deep water, we lift up our feet.

Here you pose, silent testimony, our quest.
Carolina cobbler, before tracking west.

Photographs remind us of time, and of place,
Best are those, highlighted, by your pretty face.

You smile out, rain gear, motorcycles, full pack,
Warm companion. And I, my dearest, smile back.

M.T. Jamieson lives with his wife, Susan, and their dog and two cats in northeastern Ohio. He is a Viet Nam Era U.S.A.F. veteran, and twice a former university student. Some of his poems have appeared in “WestWard Quarterly,” “Pancakes In Heaven,” “Northern Stars Magazine,” “The Poet’s Art,” “The Poetry Explosion Newsletter,” “the Lyric,” “Adelaide Literary Magazine,” “Evening Street Press,” “The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review,” and “Scarlet Leaf Review.”

One comment

  1. I enjoyed M.T. Jamieson’s “Smile Out” with its rhyming depiction of a motorcycle roadtrip. Also, the accompanying photo enhanced my enjoyment of reading it.


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