The poetry of Payton Swoboda

12 Steps







Each human has an outlet in their life to relieve stress

Some people keep it in moderation, others give up and give in

To the point where they lose control of their life

I have two options: Let it kill me or get help
I chose my fate and ended up in this room-

It houses my second family

I stand up and state my name

3 years 9 months and 16 days

7 days more than last week

Everyone claps out of support

It’s a little reassurance in my head that I’m on the right path

My current status is step 4

It reminds me of a resume

Bringing up my past, even when I don’t want to remember it

It’s all the jobs I could never complete

But not this one, my recovery isn’t my job anymore

It’s a way of life

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