The poetry of Barbara L. Blanc

Find Me, Grandma

The shadows came
like the windshield visions
glass pervading clarity arising
and the blue was compounded
by blurring-
I gasped, Here was the Reality

My bright red-flowered sundress flowing
then I stepped,
slid from this World to Another,
to test I walked – Immediate gesture
brain, copperwiring, fuses alight,
green, red cars, sun’s ablaze…
I wanted to see my kitten – where was he.

Find me, Grandma. I’m drowning in
drug-scenes, white satin cups
Soft shuffles, down gazes and brown-wrapped-
Jesus-Loves-You-blankets with white-white
washing bodies fraught with multi-coloured
tears, breaks, crumpled,

By degree, Barbara L. Blanc is a mechanical engineer. However, she is also an abstract painter, and photographer. Barbara is married to a wonderful man, with two awesome stepsons and a tempestuous cat. They reside in Canton, Ohio. Barbara has had one poem published a long time ago by Touchstone out of Texas.


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