The poetry of Antony King

Great Unknown

I sail into the great unknown,

The winds, they carry away

I face the fears within myself

For truth, will win the day.

I press to open waters

As I leave this world behind

The stormy seas, and days of past

Will soon, be far from mind

My heart is full of sorrow

As my eyes forever fixed

To find the truth to life a-new

Despite this heavy risk.

The storms of life lay waiting

Discernment not their creed

Sail ever to the great unknown

From these chains…forever free.

Antony King is a writer/ poet from Eastern Kentucky. Antony spent his formal years in Cleveland Ohio where he underwent private instruction in The Arts, Music, and Literature. His love of the classics guided him to poetry and fueled his passion for writing. After art school, Antony spent 23 years in the world of advertising, and design. He began honing his skills both as a writer, and an artist. He has been fortunate to have his works published in several journals, and contributes to his local, as well as online poetry groups.

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