The poetry of Angela Trevino

Life on la Agua

I sit by the shore as cold pequeño
waves crash against my bare feet;
coaxing me into the shadows of the deep
blue sea. Patches of salty cream foam
roll in the distance before lazily
making their way to land; clashing
with the arena around me.
Rojos, naranjas y amarillos
bleed into deep shades of azules
y ciruelas; a small shimmer of hope
flickers in the distance before darkness
consumes it. La Luna glows brightly
while stars shoot in la noche;
trails of stardust follow behind
as they dart across the sky.
Crickets chirp in the tall dry grass
while luciérnagas dance to their music
as they create iridescent light shows
in the darkness of the night.

Angela Trevino is born and raised in Chicago, IL. She studies English, emphasis in creative writing, as well as Anthrozoology at Aurora University. She also minors in American Sign Language, Political Science, and Latino Studies. She is the Poetry Editor for Nolos, Aurora University’s Literary Journal. She writes in English, but also in Spanglish, a blending of both English and Spanish. She loves sharing her heritage and culture through her writing. She showcases this in many of her past publications. She has been publshed by NolosWeatherbeaten, Silver birch Press, Tweet Literature and ARTS by the People (Platform Review). She plans to go to graduate school in 2019 to become an animal trainer and to further develop her writing.

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