The poetry of Ty J. Williams

Soviet Wings

In ’94 or so
the Soviet Wings
played an exhibition game in Cleveland.
They lacked the
disciplined geometry demanded
in a former time
when each position on the ice
was a military post, and
each pass was a calculation.
Soldiers used to arc back into
the fray with choreographed
grace and purpose
to snatch a loose puck
and make it obey
to scoop it with a stick’s blade
and caress it to victory.
Every shot expected a red light
Every miss, an admonishment
Every loss, a court marshal
When the mechanism of winning
was oiled with blood and pride
to save communism
a game at a time.
But this game,
doomed lovers slumped in
intimate ennui
neither lover wanting to be the first
to let go
So, they held on to something that wasn’t there
forcing it to mimic the old drills of perfection
and saying, “remember when we were happy.”

Ty J. Williams is an English Education student at The Ohio State University after 20 years in the corporate world. He balances far too many hobbies with writing, school, his three sons and being a taste-tester for his wife, a chef. Ty’s writing can be seen at

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