The poetry of Andrew Burns Benson

Light in the Dark

There is light in the darkness, light we seldom see
A solitude and peace, that will often set us free
We walk amidst the shadows of all that has been
Holding onto memories of everything we’ve seen

Remembering the days, when light filled our world
Feeling so alone as in the darkness we are curled
We look towards the light, yet turn away again
Entombed within the gloom, reliving every pain

Fallen on our knees, no sense or reason do we find
Lost within the darkness that’s enveloped our mind
So many questions we ask, but no answers do we get
All that we remember, all we wish we could forget

Yet in amongst the dark, in this sorrowful lonely place
Where we sit all alone, our greatest fears that we face
There is a light if we look, a light that shows the way
A tiny little glimmer of hope, that will bring a better day

For in the memories that we hold, there is happiness too
The times they made you smile, times they spent with you
Moments we can treasure, memories that will never fade
These loving precious memories that together we all made


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