The poetry of Garth Ferrante

the quisling of negativity, modern science

and it might be that there was no grand plan, not ever
that we die because we evolved around a debilitating gas,
and this is what activates the death we experience as the end–

that we try and try to find an escape from the inevitable truth
of our own bodies and the oxygen we need to live and that
causes our death,
is both tragic and unthinkable and for many they will behave
like so many before them have throughout the ages
when confronted with a wall of truth there is no scaling,
and seems to stretch to the vanishing point of the heavens above:

they will deny, they will lash out, they will say it’s impossible,
that the creator of this truth is a demon, is a bastard, is a defective,
and they will work for years and years, for their whole lives,
to undermine what science is already predetermined to

trying to understand is just one means to an end
that never really ends,
they do, we do, you will, and yet the disparaged?:
they end first and are only reinstated posthumously
and without much thought or heart given
to the next demon, bastard, defective to come along
and say all these efforts to save ourselves are
in vain and doomed,
for like children, we want what we want even if what
we want is as ridiculous as wanting to
live forever

Garth Ferrante is a complete unknown who teaches, writes, and makes games out of challenging his own creativity. He writes because he loves to, because he finds meaning and purpose in it, because if he didn’t, life would be lifeless.

One comment

  1. I do not agree with Garth Ferrante, although he eloquently expresses his reasons for his position that there is “no grand plan.” In my opinion, modern science has not yet found a way to quantify spirit, much like Pasteur was considered a fool for believing unseeable organisms caused disease, until the microscope gave learned men the means to observe what had previously been invisible to the eye. I understand his consternation with religious folk who proclaim arrogant authority within the “wall of truth.” However, being the friend of a man who has worked “for years and years” as a minster attempting to do God’s will, even though there is no scientific assurance that divinity exists, I am aware that he has comforted many, been a listening presence, and shared of his wealth and time to be of loving assistance to his fellow man and woman. If he is a disciple of folly, I only wish others might be so misguided.


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