The poetry of Bekah Steimel


I live my life in an open casket
embalming my thoughts in books
they will say I preyed upon Death
but no one ever asks for their shadow



Cancer Lyric K

I’m afraid I’ve been over-watering your plants. I have so much accrued emotion for you and nowhere to spend it. So, I over-water your plants. I talk with them daily–we mainly speak about you. I move them throughout the house everyday so they always catch the best sun. I tell them goodnight. To be in love with the dead you have to be creative. You need new ways to show your devotion. “I miss you” is too simple. “I love you” should be profound. But, I loved you before I knew what it was like to lose you. Somehow my love for you has flourished in the shadow of your absence. Now, I know the depth of my love for you, and it digs deeper still. So, I spoil your beloved houseplants.




Even the edge grows dull
when only the plummet
is left undone
It’s the fade I fear
not the fall
To live beyond the boiling years
until I merely simmer
To cease simmering
and turn as cold as death
The only lines
I’m afraid to confront
are the wrinkles carved on my face
by the relentless hands of time

Bekah Steimel is a poet aspiring to be a better poet. Her recent work has appeared in River Poets Journal, Third Wednesday, and The Blue Nib. She lives in St. Louis and can be found online at and followed on Twitter and Instagram @BekahSteimel.

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