Ali: Fear Eats the Soul — A poem by Drew Pisarra

By Drew Pisarra


Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

I don’t know what you see
when you look at me,
when I’m not looking at you,
not looking into your eyes,
your eyes that might be deep,
deep or kind or dull or dead,
not dead to me. No. Always dear
my dear. When I look in them,
it’s as if there’s too much there
for I can’t say if they see me,
can’t see if you see what I’m trying
to say or catch my attempt to relay
how I sometimes see a new you
behind those eyes inviting me in
demanding that I stay where I am,
being me if I dare, daring me
to bare some hidden part
that is and isn’t quite the heart
before your unsparing gaze deftly
strips me to the core again
completely in a glance that may
mean no more than nothing at all
yet haunts me with the off chance
that you may say the unspeakable
now and then quickly look away.

At least that’s how I feel today.

Drew Pisarra‘s short stories were collected then published as Publick Spanking by Future Tense. He has also toured his monologues (Fickle, Queer Notions) and his ventriloquist act (Singularly Grotesque) up and down both coasts. Currently, he’s co-curating Movie Marquee Poems, a series of haiku displayed on Nitehawk Cinema’s marquee in Brooklyn.

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