If I Had To Walk The World: A poem by Zachary Dilks

By Zachary Dilks


If I Had To Walk The World

I give my thoughts to stardust
My body to the sea
I give my wealth to other men
Who need it more than me

I chase the waning sunset
I race the rising moon
And always live to never fear
My day come dawning soon

Of all the places traveled
The sights of wonder, true
Oh, if I had to walk the world
I’d go in search of you

I’ve reached the mountain’s summit
And swam the ocean’s floor
But of all the heights and depths I’ve tread
I roam forever more

The gold it comes and goes away
The places do as well
And every story runs its course
Until there’s none to tell

Snub all the wealth and treasure
The earth and ocean blue
For if I had to walk the world
I’d only hope for you

There was a time I boasted
So far and long ago
Of all the quests I’d conquered
And the knowledge that I know

I’d test the greatest thinkers
And best the strongest men
Outwit and weigh the masses
Winning time and time again

But damn the fame and honor
I bid that life adieu
So if I had to walk the world
I’d give it all for you

The power’s been my mistress
The intellect, my muse
The fortunes were a high for me
Like drugs that I’d abuse

Now I give my thoughts to starlight
My body to the earth
And give away my riches
Still I keep the greatest worth

My breaths may some day shorten
And steps might soon be through
But if I had to walk the world
I’d walk it all for you

Zachary Dilks is a poet/writer living outside of Austin, Texas. He writes essays, short stories, children’s books and classical forms of poetry. After the loss of his first born daughter, he dedicates himself to reach out to others in need through his works.

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