Whispered interludes of time: The poetry of James G. Piatt

By James G. Piatt


Sleep’s Intermezzo

Cool rainy night in the hills.
Coyotes yelping in the distance,
Mocking birds singing in a
Thousand voices, as
The perfumed scent of Jasmine
Wafts into the chilly air:

The peal of mission bells
In the far distance is hushed,
The ancient blue clock
Counts fading hours,
As the tall grandfather clock
Rings out at specified intervals,

Then in the emptiness of the
Whispered interludes of time,
And inside the serenity of our
Memories, our breath becomes
Calm, and our minds rest in the
Midst of dreams, and we fall asleep in
Each other’s arms…




A Sonnet of Thoughts & Dreams

In the garden where I often dream,
And watch sparrow hawks flit and fly
Far above my beloved dog’s sigh;
Feelings from the verdant hills do teem
Into my questioning mind, so unforeseen:
And, over the dark loam, so soft and dry,
White clouds scud quickly high up in the sky,
While bees dart swiftly to a flowery dream:
My happy feelings persist and wander
To and fro, from thought to thought,
Finally arriving, upon some distant shore:
My searching mind has but to ponder,
The happy feelings that are brought,
From garden images and forgotten lore.

James G. Piatt, a retired professor and octogenarian, has published, 3 collections of poetry, “The Silent Pond,” (2012), “Ancient Rhythms,” (2014), and “Light” (2016), 4 novels, “The Ideal Society,” (2012), “The Monk,” (2013),  “The Nostradamus Conspiracy,” (2015), and Archibald McDougle PI: An Archie McDougle Mystery (2017), over 1,030 poems, and 35 short stories. He has been the featured poet in five magazines, and his poems have been nominated for pushcart and best of web awards. His fifth and sixth novel and fourth collection of poetry are scheduled for released in 2018. He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU.

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