The Virgin’s Praise for the Stars: A poem by Alison Helfrich

By Alison Helfrich


The Virgin’s Praise for the Stars

Of noble hearts and tattered minds alike,
And only one soul speaks in such a way.
My heart doth hear a voice proclaiming there
And globes of heads see only what is truth.
Unequal to kings adorning themselves in gold,
Your beauty matches only what’s your own.

My womb hath swelled with simple blessing here,
this adoration born of holy works.
Draconian devil! Leave before my eyes!
For once you fell, and eternally you shall fall.
I stand amidst the holy angels now
And Gabriel’s call will ever say my name.

O learned priest and mighty temple wall,
Compare yourselves to the vastness of the stars?
Say what thou wilt, but song’s for them this night.
And if you shall condemn my soul to Hell,
My praise for sainted spheres will still resound.

Alison Helfrich is a college student studying to be an author of poetry and short stories.  You may read more of her material at

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