The only taste: The poetry of Arushi Singh

By Arushi Singh



I remember moans

And dreams and screams and cries and flies

And odes and howl and obscene lies

And obscene truth and pills and pills

I remember the room

And surrounded by pills

I looked up suicide with s for scream

And a bleak uicide

I needed your breath to breathe me to into life

To suffer and love and suffer and smile

And suffer and dream and suffer and die I tried

I tried to live

I tried to breathe I tried my pills

I tried my blade I tried my wrists

I tried your love the only taste

The only taste that saved my Life

Where am I?




The Slush Pile

To the Editor

They told me that everybody is not Shakespeare.

But darling, everybody is Wordsworth, their voice was just never heard.

So I tip toe across the slush piles pretending all of life isn’t in it

Stepping on the occasional memorably eccentric, my demon told me

Life will suck the life out from under you

He was right so here I am

A fragile atheist at my knees

Right before you

Tell me darling, does your wizard have a lightning bolt scar too?

I wanted fame in a heaving peace of words

They told me you’re good

But not for us.


So I tip toe across the slush piles pretending all of us aren’t in it

Remind me when your suicidal girl gets a dragon tattoo

And I’ll slip you right through


They told me you’re good

But not for us.

And I wonder when words ever mean what you think they mean

Or just what you’d kill to have them mean

Arushi Singh is a college student from Delhi. She is new to the realm of literary magazines, her first book is right now in its nascent stages.  She’s had her poetry published in newspapers and has a blog of her own.

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