Just a glimmer: The poetry of Tom Montag

By Tom Montag



Perhaps all the universe
is one peak or trough in some
greater light wave traveling through
a much larger cosmos than

we know. Eternity is
perhaps just a glimmer of
the particle on its way
to whatever light does next.

Perhaps we don’t understand
time and being the same way
this immenseness does. Perhaps,

at the blinding speed of things,
what we think we are was gone
before we ever thought it.




My friend
does not wish

to be
the Buddha.

the pine tree

is enough
for her.




is not in going.
Wisdom is to be

where you are,
in this moment,

like crows on snow.

Tom Montag is recently the author of In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013, This Wrecked World, and The Miles No One Wants. He has been a featured poet at Atticus Review, Contemporary American Voices, Houseboat, and Basil O’Flaherty Review, and received Pushcart Prize nominations from Provo Canyon Review, Blue Heron Review, and The Lake.

One comment

  1. Tom Montag’s poems are like contemplations that with blinding speed leave us in a momentary stillness like “crows on snow.”


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