Endless Mulberry Alley: Poetry by Anca Vlasopolos

By Anca Vlasopolos


Kitchen Window Still Life
                                    Remembering Dorothy Wordsworth

a blink of an eye          a century
this vine
trumpeted persimmon melodies
________as dazzling as Louie’s
hummers probed         balanced on their surgeon needles
________________shimmying in emerald sequins
________for aphrodisiac sweets

________at the kitchen sink
i see emptied pods
think of Dolly
________her desolation              pod forever void

try        try        try
________to imagine under rockhard ground
________________each seed wrapped in warm coils of birdshit
cotyledon poised         like a ballerina on one pointed shoe
________for its leap


Never Just Mulberries

they haven’t yet cut down this patch of greenery

________for another row of overpriced townhouses


________hanging over the walk the mulberries

spot pavement with small  polka dots


I stuff my face                        white (invasive)           purple (native)

I care as little as the birds


________these sudden treats     my madelaines resuscitating

________endless mulberry alley             infinite patience of my long-gone uncle


________each summer solstice               journeys to secret spots

________________daughters and I marking

________________________faces    clothes

Anca Vlasopolos has published a detective novel, a memoir, various short stories, over 200 poems, the poetry collections Penguins in a Warming World, Walking Toward Solstice, and Cartographies of Scale (and Wing), and the non-fiction novel The New Bedford Samurai. She blogs here.

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