Poetry Wanted

Poetry means a lot to us here at Fourth & Sycamore. We review it. We read it aloud. And, of course, we publish it.

0716141809Fourth & Sycamore launched in October 2014, and we began publishing original poetry a little over a year ago. Since then, we’ve published poetry from poets of all different backgrounds, from around the country and around the world. We’ve published poems about leaving home and poems about teaching. We’ve published poems based on plays and poems based on Virginia Woolf’s novels. We’ve published poems of quiet beauty and clever poems that address language and poetry itself. We publish poems we love, and only poems we love.

If you’re a poet, we’d love to read your work. There are no specifics themes to what we’re after. We want poetry we can feel. It can be formal or experimental, simple or complex, rural or urban, peaceful or painful. The only thing it has to be is good.

Fourth & Sycamore is based in Ohio, but you don’t have to be. Read our writing guidelines, and follow them when sending us your writing. That’s really all we ask.

Fourth & Sycamore is run by a public library, and we are passionate about good literature. We love our writers, and we want as many people to read your work as possible. You have friends here; send us something good.


    • At the top of our page, go to ‘Write for Us’ and select ‘Writing Guidelines’… our submission guidelines are listed there


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