Book Essays Wanted

Fourth & Sycamore is the literary journal of the Greenville Public Library in Ohio. We launched in October 2014, we have thousands of readers already, and we’re gaining more every month. We publish a wide variety of writing–poetry, fiction, local history, and lots and lots of book reviews–and we’re always accepting submissions in those categories. We’d like to start featuring more book- and reading-related essays, and that’s why we’re issuing this call for submissions.

Are you planning to attend a lit fest and want to write an article about the event? Let us know.

Is an interesting author giving a reading at your local bookstore or coffeeshop? Tell us how it goes.

Did you love to climb a tree and read books all summer long as a kid? Do you read nothing but horror the entire month of October? Did a particular book change your life? Is there a classic you’ve tried to read four different times and still haven’t finished? Was your local library your lifeline to the outside world when you were a teenager? What was the first adult book you read as a child, and were you ready for it? Are you a librarian with a story to tell about your job?

What’s your favorite chair to sit in while you read? Which drinks goes best with your favorite genres? Do your reading preferences change with the seasons? Do you have an annual reading tradition you look forward to all year?

There is no end to the options for these essays. If you love books and can write well, you can come up with something great. When you do, we want to read it. Here are a few examples from our editor, if you need ideas, but there are many more possibilities.

Before submitting your work to us, be sure to read our writing guidelines. Your book essays can be anywhere from 750 to 3,000 words.

If you can find time in the midst of reading all those great books, write about some aspect of your passion for reading and send it our way. You’ll have friends here.

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