PoetryMatters 10

0310131253Our March meeting of PoetryMatters explored themes of free will, hedonism, forgiveness, childhood, femininity, and the difference between having experiences and chasing experiences. We read poems by William Butler Yeats (“An Irish Airman Foresees His Death” and “On Being Asked for a War Poem”), Padraig O’Tuama (“Of skinny dipping, lonely nights, charcoal fires, absolution, loads of guilt, breakfast, bucketfuls of projection, and forgiveness (a longish reflection on the last chapter of the fourth gospel)” and “Circle”), Mary Oliver (“Good-bye Fox”), Marge Piercy (“Something To Look Forward To”), and William Matthews (“A Happy Childhood”).

PoetryMatters will next meet on Friday, April 29, at 2 p.m. at Montage Cafe in downtown Greenville. Attendees are encouraged to order lunch, enjoy a dessert or appetizer, or just sip a drink while we read aloud (we want the eateries we hold our meetings at to appreciate our presence). Please come prepared to read at least one published poem (not your own) aloud for the group.

We’d love to read some poetry with you. Bring your favorites poems and help us prove Poetry Matters.

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