Write for us

Cars Library 1940s black and white
Greenville Public Library in the 1940s.

We want to publish your writing on Fourth & Sycamore.

We’re a literary journal run by a public library in Greenville, Ohio, and we are looking for writers. Our journal turned one year old in 2015, and we’ve been thrilled this year to publish original poetry, fiction, essays, and, of course, plenty of great book reviews. We want to publish even more in 2016.

Send us your poetry. Send us your short stories and flash fiction. Send us your personal essays. We want to read them, and if they’re good and a good fit for us, we want to publish them.

Send us your book reviews. As librarians, we are deeply passionate about great literature both classic and current, and we love exposing our readers to new books, helping them wade through the sea of reading options to find the right book for them, and giving exposure to authors and publishers who are doing great work. We would love to read and hopefully publish your reviews.

We’re a small journal, but we’re growing, and we care deeply about what we do. If you can write we’d love to see your name on this site. Please read our complete submission guidelines and then send us your best. We can’t wait to read it.

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