PoetryMatters 6

Our November meeting of PoetryMatters was as spirited and thought-provoking as we’ve come to look forward to. Our group read poems from James Henry Lee Hunt (Abou Ben Adam), Billy Collins (The Revenant, The Introduction), Tony Hoagland (Crazy Motherfucker Weather, Controlled Substances), Andrea Gibson (Birthday), Robert Frost (Birches), and Mindy Nettif (Public Service Announcement for Young Women Who Don’t Consider Themselves Feminists). Our discussion flowed from poem to poem, but seemed to find a central channel through the theme of how our hearts and minds open and close as we age, get hurt, learn love, etcetera.

PoetryMatters will next meet on Friday, December 4, at 2:00 p.m. at Montage Cafe in downtown Greenville. Attendees may choose to order lunch, enjoy a dessert or appetizer, or just sip a drink while we read aloud. Please come prepared to read at least one published poem (not your own) aloud for the group.

Poetry still matters, perhaps now more than ever. We try to prove it every month when we meet. We’d love to have your help with that at our December meeting. We’ll see you there.

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