An Autumn Poem by P.T. Tyx

By P.T. Tyx

They Married in the Autumn of Love
(for Randy and Michelle, 1998)

1019141331aThey married in the autumn of love, in the brave sun of late October.
Behind them drifted the leaves of fallen hopes,
Brittle colors that had been torn by the wings of change
And which scuffled at their
Michelle, with her stormy beauty, pioneered a promise with her smiles,
To which Randy gravitated with ready wariness.
They had begun the restoration of their home;
Sanding away the stagnant paint of old cupboards,
Leveling the floors for equal footing,
Hanging new doors on their hearts’ hidden hinges.

In this remodeling of their home they found the work of their affection.
Hammering ideas-
they constructed new shelves upon which to place their dreams.
Plastering walls-
they spackled old holes of trust.
The evenings ripped with the electric wire flow of faith
disrupts each room.
Saturdays buzzed with the sawing of fresh lumber for the new possibilities.

They married in the autumn of love, when the air turns crisp and haunting,
When the high branches begin fingering the moon.
Randy, with his burly moods and boyish delight,
now shortstops the unexpected bounces of his bride’s caprice.
He smooths his aloneness in her sweet, curving compassion.
Michelle, huddling from cold,
nuzzles and nestles in the tiger embrace of her man’s reassuring strength.

In the autumn, in the secret nocturne of romance,
Sometimes a rare moon may arise-
A harvest mystery which hushes with comfort and
Goldens beneath it a neighborhood of belonging.
So it is in the autummn of love, there can be magic in the commonplace.
Years can be carpentered as though still in the soul of October,
When the world is sunlit and brave and full of sudden color.

P.T. Tyx lives near Greenville, Ohio. You can read his previous poetry on this site here.

Cover photo and illustration by David Nilsen.


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