The Library Strikes Back: A Star Wars Event

soloGreenville Public Library will be transporting patrons to a galaxy far, far away with The Library Strikes Back: A Star Wars Event. This Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. we will be showing the original Star Wars trilogy in our public meeting room. Though not a part of the Third Floor Film Series, this event will utilize the same gorgeous 80″ big screen and virtual surround sound to give attendees a theater-like experience as they watch Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Star Wars themed food and drinks will be available, and there will be games and prizes. Several performers will be attending in full costumes, and patrons are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters if they so choose. The event is expected to last till 4 p.m.

When Star Wars first came out in 1977 it was a groundbreaking event, combining elements of science fiction and adventure with a swashbuckling attitude and some (for the time) dazzling special effects. It cemented the tradition of the summer blockbuster begun by Steven Spielberg’s Jaws two years earlier, changing the way movie studios budgeted and scheduled their tentpole movie releases each year. Adding to the visual fun and excitement was the fact that the Star Wars movies actually told compelling stories in an immersive universe. The acting may have been hammy and the dialogue cheesy, but ham-and-cheese cult classics have a special place in the hearts of American movie lovers. Millions of us were raised on these movies, and when I introduced my seven year old daughter to them this winter, I was excited to see none of the magic was lost.

Come on over to Greenville Public Library tomorrow morning for this fun event. Sit in the company of fellow geeks and film-lovers and enjoy these movies the best way possible – on a big screen with other Star Wars fans. May the force be with you.


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