(Book Review) Burning Man: Art on Fire

By David Nilsen

For almost thirty years artists and art lovers have been gathering in an inhospitable corner of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to celebrate art and community. For one week they create a makeshift city of 70,000 in the middle of nowhere and create stunning art installations. At the end of the week they burn their creations to the ground, pack up the city, clean up any trace of their own presence from the barren landscape, and head back to civilization. Burning Man is a celebration of wild creativity, the artistic impulse, the fleeting nature of beauty, and bond of friendship and community.

Author Jennifer Raiser and photographers Sidney Erthal and Scott London have attempted to capture the kaleidoscope of art and humanity that is Burning Man in a new book titled Burning Man: Art on Fire (394.25 Raiser). These oversized pages of this book are crammed with full page, searingly colorful photographs of the art, light, people, and fire of Burning Man. Take a look at a few of these photos below.

Black Rock City, the annual temporary city created by Burning Man attendees, as seen from the air. Photo by Scott London.
Big Rig Jig created by Mike Ross in 2007. Photo by Scott London.
Photo Chapel created by Michael Garlington in 2013 using wood, paper, plaster, and paint. Photo by Scott London.
Photo Chapel in flames at the end of Burning Man 2013. Photo by Sidney Erthal.

A book cannot begin to capture Burning Man, and these few pictures can’t begin to capture Burning Man: Art on Fire. You really have to look through this book to appreciate the stunning photographs and the amazing art installations they capture. Come on in to GPL and check this book out today.

Burning Man: Art on Fire is available now at Greenville Public Library.

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