Greenville Public Library’s adult book section on the second floor hosts a number of visually pleasing displays where a constantly rotating selection of books are featured. There are displays featuring the newest books in our collection, some hosting books from seasonal or topical themes, and many others. ALL of the books you find on these displays are available to be checked out just like the rest of the books in our non-reference sections. Never feel bashful to take a book from a display and look at it in the library or check it out and take it home – that’s why we display them! We carefully choose the books we display and we’re excited when they make it into the hands of readers. Take a moment to look through these photos of some of our displays, and be sure to check our these displays the next time you’re at GPL!

Shelf (11)
Our new display shelf in the non-fiction area will feature a rotating selection of non-fiction books from all sorts of different genres.
Shelf (1)
The shelf is currently displaying poetry, like this wonderful volume by Mary Oliver.
Shelf (9)
Daphne Gottlieb and Charles Bukowski are two poets featured currently.
Shelf (10)
We dragged this unusual little shelf out of the closet recently and put it to good use in our main non-fiction room, where it is currently displaying a variety of books on art, decor, and color.
Shelves (4)
On the half-wall at the entrance to our New Book Room are displayed staff picks from the newest fiction books in our collection. These change constantly as books get checked out and new ones get picked to take their place.
Shelves (3)
On the wall inside the New Books Room is hangs this shelf featuring staff picks from our newest non-fiction books.
Shelf (12)
Along the wall between our reference room and our reference desk area you will find books from the current New York Times bestsellers list. These books go fast, so the display can get pretty sparse!
Shelf (7)
Beside the reference desk you will find this display of the most recent books featured right here on Fourth & Sycamore. Look for the colorful tags designating that a book has been reviewed or featured here, or that the author has been interviewed.
Shelf (8)
Usually the most creative display is found beside the reference desk between the desk area and the non-fiction room. Staff members work hard to create attractive and timely seasonal displays.
Shelf (5)
In our magazine room you will find our oversized books, books that are too tall to fit on our normal shelves. There is nothing different about the circulation status of these books – they can all be checked out.
Shelf (6)
Some of the most visually striking oversized books can be found on this display on the wall of the magazine room.

Our displays are constantly changing and feature a wide variety of fascinating books both new and old. Next time you’re in the library, be sure to grab a book from one of these displays. We’ll be happy for the chance to pick a new one to take its place!


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