Third Floor Film Series at GPL

James Stewart’s George Bailey running down Main Street in the snow in It’s a Wonderful Life. Rita Hayworth flipping her hair as she first appears on screen in Gilda. Orson Welles appearing from the shadows when we thought he was dead in The Third Man. Barbara Stanwyck biting poor Henry Fonda’s ear in The Lady Eve.

I coulda been a contender.

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Play it again, Sam.

The movies have a way of capturing our imagination and lodging in our memory like no other popular art form can. From the ornate movie palaces of the roaring twenties to the streaming video services of today, from the drive-ins of the 1960s to modern multiplexes, movies have been entertaining us, exciting us, scaring us, making us laugh, and stirring our hearts and minds for over a hundred years.

Greenville Public Library is excited to announce the Third Floor Film Series, a new movie program at GPL that celebrates the wonder of cinema. Once a month GPL will be showing a classic movie in the public meeting room on the third floor of the library. The Third Floor Film Series will focus on films that local movie lovers probably haven’t had a chance to see on a large screen since their original theatrical runs (if ever) while making sure selected films are approachable and entertaining for any adult who attends.

The library has a gorgeous 80″ wall-mounted flat screen television and a virtual surround audio system that make the public meeting room feel like a movie theater. All showings will be free of charge, and snacks and soft drinks will also be provided for free. David Nilsen, editor of Fourth & Sycamore and lifelong cinephile, will briefly introduce each film before it is shown and then facilitate a short discussion of the movie when it is over for anyone interested.

The majority of showings in this series will be on Thursday nights at 7 pm, with occasional additional Saturday matinees. All showings will be announced well in advance with all details posted on the GPL Facebook page and here on Fourth & Sycamore. Be sure to subscribe to Fourth & Sycamore and Like GPL’s Facebook page so you never miss any of these announcements.

VertigoThe first movie in the Third Floor Film Series will be Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 classic of psychological suspense starring James Stewart and Kim Novak. In the most recent Sight & Sound poll (an international poll of hundreds of film directors, critics, and experts conducted once every decade) Vertigo was voted the greatest film ever made, knocking off a movie that had been on top for almost half a century – Citizen Kane. Hitchcock’s classic will be shown at GPL on Friday, February 27 at 7 pm. We will be posting an event page on Facebook with more details in the coming days, and next week Fourth & Sycamore will feature an essay discussing the themes of Vertigo.

For a long time, any local film lover who has wanted to watch a classic film on a large screen has had to travel at least to Dayton, if not farther. Now we only have to travel to our own public library right here in Greenville. Join us for the Third Floor Film Series and celebrate the art of film. We look forward to seeing you there.

© David Nilsen 2015


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